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We sold the Honus Wagner card, we sold the Wacky Packages artworks and now you can buy something directly from us. Some of the best stuff that you bid on at auctions is coming from us. We're selling the great stuff from your childhood and other stuff too! You can contact us directly via this e-mail or at 312-939-9300.

Our incredible collection has been highlighted in numerous industry publications and news articles. Here are excerpts from just a few...

Sports Collectors Digest: August 31, 2001
"A hobby secret no more, he just might have the best collection on the planet."

Chicago Sun Times: January 26, 1997
"Mikes collection may be the greatest in the world because so much of what he owns is one of a kind."

Chicago Magazine: December 2000
"When Mike Gidwitz reaped $1.265 million by auctioning off his Honus Wagner baseball card, there was only one problem: He missed it terribly."



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