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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
MAD21 $3,000.00 Jurassic Park Concept CoverLooks like Alfred turns out to be on the menu for lunch today !!!!!!!!
MAD22 $5,000.00 Alfred E. HeadroomCover painting to issue #269, March 1987
MAD23 $1,000.00 Payola, Stolen Ideas, Petty Cash… From the Worst From MAD #12 1969 by Jack Rickard
MAD24 $1,000.00 I Bow to the will of the People…By Jack Rickard from the Worst From MAD #12 1969
MAD01 $2,000.00 What's So Bad About Slavery? From the Worst From MAD #12 1969 by Jack Rickard
MAD05 $10,000.00 Alfred & Friends Got Milk CoverOriginal Painting to Issue #343, March 1996.
MAD20 $7,000.00 MAD Magazine #318, April 1993 - TrollsTroll cover by Richard Williams
MAD26 $6,000.00 MAD Super Special #110 by Richard Williams January 1996Alfred is the big ball in Times Square.
MAD88 $2,500.00 Parody of Eerie #5 with Alfred E Neuman, Rogerio W.S. and Mike GidwitzThis painting was on display along with 114 other pieces of my collection at Firecat Galleries from March 28th until April 27th in 2014...... Did you miss it ???
MAD02 $5,000.00 Alfred Watering Tomatoes - Mad Magazine #346, June 1996Original Art to the cover by Joe DeVito.

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