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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
MAD 41 $2,500.00 Brazilian Mad Cover Painting # 141 July 1998This painting is of Xuxa. She got her start being a teenage model. She appeared in Brazilian Playboy as a centerfold and was the girlfriend of Brazilian soccer legend Pele.
MAD15 $1,200.00 Julius Caesar NeumanVery funny unless you're Julius Caesar Neuman.
MAD155 $10.00 MAD ZAPS THE HUMAN RACE This is nice. The original price was $6.95 in 1984.
MAD159 $12,000.00 MAD Stalks DeathAlfred wants you ...... to buy this painting from me and hang it in your living room !!!!!!!!!
MAD35 $6,000.00 REVOLVEROriginal record cover to REVOLVER with Alfred E. Neuman as the Beatles.
MAD13 $1,500.00 Napoleon Bonaparte NeumanThis is one is one of the very best paintings of Alfred's family tree.
MAD14 $1,500.00 King Tut Neuman This is a great one! Lots of extra details.
MAD143 $1,500.00 Ludwig Von NeumanThis painting is by Rogerio WS. and the bad photography was done by Michael Gidwitz.
MAD144 $2,000.00 Jane Avril with Alfred E. Neuman.This is a parody of one of Toulouse Lautrec's famous paintings that was used as a posterior the Moulin Rouge......
MA100 $300.00 Preliminary cover sketch for MAD #273 with Pee Wee Herman by Richard Williams, September 1987.This preliminary sketch was published on page 152 to the book, MAD Cover to Cover.

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