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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
MCD1 $25.00  1992 McDonald's Translite Dino-Motion Dinosaurs
MCD 21 $25.00 McDonald's short sleeve shirt in extra large.... 65% polyester 35% cottonYou don't have to buy your clothes at Kmart anymore. You can buy them from me.......
MCD05 $250.00 Super Looney Tunes Display1991 Happy Meal Display w/snap -on costumes
MCD06 $50.00 Mickey & Friends Epcot '94 Adventure at Walt Disney World.Translite of Mickey Mouse and Friends.
MCD07 $50.00 Barboe and Friends and World of Hot Wheels.Translite. This goes in the window.
MCD08 $50.00 Spider-Man Translite. You see these when you go through the drive-thru with your car.
MCD10 $200.00 McDonald's NBA Hoops Limited Edition Basketball Cards with Michael Jordan.Translite to be put in the window so the sunlight shines on it.
MCD11 $25.00 McDonald's Translite with Cabbage Patch Kids and Tonka Trucks.Well, it's must be Christmas because Ronald McDonald is wearing a Santa Claus hat.
MCD13 $25.00 McDonald's Translite of Jim Henson's Muppet Workshop.This is a cute, inexpensive piece to put in the window of your baby's room.
MCD14 $50.00 McDonald's Translite of the Batmobile and Batman.Looks like a Hot Wheels toy.

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