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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
TA20 $10.00 Camel Joe adhesive window sticker decalThis decal was to be mounted on the interior side of glass.
TAO10 $5.00 RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Sealed Unused Ball Point Pen 
TA003 $20.00 Hash pipe with Melvin the MartianI am 67 years old and I have had this pipe since I went to college at the University of Arizona. Of course I never used it but my roommates John Walrath , Dave Risdon, and Pat Geust did....
Ta004 $100.00 Camel Joe light weight extra large windbreaker ( used ) I have worn this jacket myself. Very cool....
TA005 $650.00 1912 S110 Indian Pillow CaseThere's a large stain of some kind across the top. Overall, it's very nice. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.
TA006 $600.00 Mr. Jack Bachelor c/o Celibates Club New York, Copyright 1905.I don't know what else I'm going to find in one of my closets?
TA007 $7,000.00 Camel Joe Published Original Advertising Art.I spent years trying to buy an original painting of Camel Joe. Almost every painting of the original art is still owned by R.J. Reynolds and has never been available to the public.
TA01 $10.00 Blanco Negro Cigarette rolling papers cica 1970Jazz Man playing a saxophone.
TA011 $1,600.00 Piedmont Cigarette Advertising Fan with stick.I have only seen a few of these in my entire collecting career.
TA012 $500.00 Old Judge Cigarettes Display Advertisement.Goodwin & Co., NY, Old Judge Cigarettes.

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