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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
CS002 $25.00 Cartoon Caveman drawingWe are not sure what this is from but if you have any idea, please let us know.
CS008 $25.00 The Transformers and Jem.Uncut sheet to the sticker album for Transformers and Jem.
CS018 $25.00 This is a raincoat with the Mets logo on it.This is something that you give somebody as a present.
CS021 $30.00 Three different toy watches including Dracula, Alien, and Hot Wheels Attack Pack Car.These are for a little boy.
CS005 $25.00 U.S. of Alf - Nebraska, the Cornhusker State.It says "Tour Nebraska, the Cornhusker State." "Who're you callin' Big Ears Dude?"
CS014 $25.00 1983 Topps Cards of the 1982 Major League Leaders.Complete uncut sheet but contains only 9 cards. This was not a panel cut from a sheet, but a promotional item.
CS016 $5.00 Official Souvenir Photo of Disney World Series, April 8, 9, 10th, 1988.Chicago White Sox Players - Dave LaPoint, Greg Walker and Harold Baines with Mickey Mouse and Goofy.
CS017 $25.00 SilverStar Baseball Hologram of Cal Ripkin Jr. with SilverStar authentic ticket of Cal Ripkin Jr. and Advertising Piece with Cal Ripkin Jr., Nolan Ryan, Dave Justice and Ricky Henderson. All three pieces are near mint to mint and the hologram of Cal Ripkin Jr. is difficult to photograph.
CS019 $30.00 Complete set of the Chicago White Sox Pizza Hut 1984 placemats sponsored by WFLD TV Channel 32.The White Sox were 1983 American League Western Division Champions.
CS020 $10.00 International House of Pancakes Chicago Cubs Placemat, 1969.Paper thin and the condition is as good as can be expected. Very small minor wear and tear on each one that we have.

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