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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
EFC19 $2,500.00 Frankenstein's Wild RideMy advise is to take another taxi unless you're in New York City.
EFC20 $2,500.00 Alfred MonsterI asked XNO to improvise and do a painting in his style of Alfred E. Neuman for my MAD Collection.
EFC16 $3,000.00 JuJu Mama Riding on Zombie by XNO.Every male loves monsters and naked girls including me.
EFC17 $4,000.00 The Bride of Frankenstein by XNO.One of his best paintings.
EFC18 $3,000.00 J.R.'s Night Ride.Part of the FrankenPop Series.
ECF02 $6,000.00 Frankenstein's MonsterThis painting was used several times for more than one cover including " House of Horror #1" for Warren Publishing and later for " Famous Monsters # 180.
ECF03 $6,500.00 Heavy Metal Cover #46This painting by Louis Royo speaks for itself.... Robots, motorcycles, big guns, and a beautiful almost completely naked redheaded women wearing high heel black boots.... Don't you wish she was real and living at your house ???
ECF05 $5,000.00 Monstrous MenaceRecreation of a Frank Frazetta used for Creepy #15 by John Graziano in 1991.
ECF06 $4,000.00 Recreation of Eerie #35An extremely attractive and colorful artwork recreation of Eerie 35 from 1991 by John Graziano. John is well known as the artist for Imagine's " You Slay ME " trading card series which also had monsters along with humor.
ECF07 $500.00 Preliminary sketch to the Incredible Shrinking Man from Famous Monsters of FilmlandPreliminary sketch to the Incredible Shrinking Man

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