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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
ART012 $1,500.00 Jane Avril with Alfred E. Neuman.Parody of Toulouse Lautrec by Rogerio W.S.
ART001 $300.00 Yellow Sao PauloThis artwork is by Brazilian artist, Natal Rodrigues. Natal was born in Sao Paulo and currently lives in Jacarepagua which is a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.
ART002 $300.00 Orange FortalezaThis painting is by modern artist, Natal Rodrigues. Natal is self-trained in modern art and moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1989.
ART004 $400.00 Yellow PetropolisThis is another Brazilian artist from Rio de Janeiro by the name of Ubirajara de Medeiros.
ART003 $400.00 Blue BraziliaNatal Rodrigues work comes from his heart to express good feelings. Natal is 35 years old and speaks five languages - Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and Japanese.
ART005 $500.00 Red BuziosThis painting is by Brazilian artist, Ubirajara de Medeiros, who also goes by the name of Ubim. His art represents water, air, earth, and anything associated with nature.
ART09 $200.00 What are you sniffing around for?Cute artwork that I don't have any information about. If you have ever seen this before or know anything about it please let me know. It's always nice to communicate with everyone who looks at my site.
ART006 $500.00 Two Moons in RioThis painting by Ubim shows his great skills with colors using acrylics on canvas.
ART010 $1,500.00 Painting of the Southwest by Noble RichardsonThis painting is by a friend of mine that I met when I lived in Arizona during the late 60's early 70's. At the time, Noble was famous for paintings like this. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.
ART011 $1,100.00 Cray Baby Adventures guest starring Mike Gidwitz as the Happy Hostage. Art Baltazar 1996.This painting was commissioned by me in 1996. I met Art at the Chicago Comicon and could recognize his talents right away.

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