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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
CBM01 $10,000.00 The original cover art to Wildest Westerns No. 3, October 1960 by Jack Davis.This is my favorite piece by Jack Davis and has been hanging on one of the walls in my home since 1993.
CBM03 $25.00 Beavis and Butthead UnderwearCheck it out !!!!!!!!!!
CBM06 $6,000.00 Pighead #1 by Skip WilliamsonThis is the original artwork to the Comic Book and I will include the comic book if you buy the artwork.
CBM09 $5,000.00 Cray Babies by artist Art BaltazarA huge magnificant example to the Cray Babies Comic Books that was used as a giant advertisement at 1996 Chicago Comicon.
CBM10 $700.00 Walt Disney's Merry MenagerieThis is the original painting to the cover of a sticker book.
CBM11 $3,000.00 Astro Boy by Ken Steacy, 1987.Original artwork to Astro Boy #5. Astro Boy has a build in fan base not just in Japan but around the world. Astro Boy was the top children's syndicated TV show for three years during the 1970s.
CBM21 $200.00 Original painting from the animated movie, "American Tale".Small painting of Fievel.
CBM22 $1.00 Postcard from King of Comics, A Tribute to Jack Kirby.The Roundhouse, 244 Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts, 01060.
CBM13 $5.00 JUXTAPOZ Art Magazine Postcard.JUXTAPOZ is an avant garde art magazine that publishes by S. Clay Wilson, XNO, Rik Sloan, "Bid Daddy" Roth, Robert Williams, etc.
CBM16 $5,000.00 Adventures of Aaron No. 1No. 1 in a three part of series of Babysitters Gone Bad. Really a beautiful piece. Lots and lots of detail.

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