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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
NSC54 $200.00 U.S. of Alf - North CarolinaArtist Jay Lynch. One pen and ink rough and one color rough.
NSC55 $250.00 U.S. of Alf - Nevada.Artist Jay Lynch. One pen and ink rough and one color rough with the original card.
NSC01 $2,500.00 Give me a great big kiss!This was done for a Topps series called " Wanted Posters" and is called " Aunt " The series was produced in 1992. Take a good look at the boy's expression on his face.
NSC03 $700.00 Original artwork to the stickers, including Ariel, from the Disney Movie, The Little Mermaid.There isn't another place where you can buy these.
NSC06 $1,000.00 Maserati 3500 GT Grand touring Coupe ItalyTopps original art from 1961 to card #3
NSC07 $2,000.00 Original artwork to Cosmic CandyBox artwork for Topps Cosmic Candy by Norm Sanders
NSC11 $1,000.00 Party Animal 1988 Topps T- Shirt Factory Iron- Ons Original Artwork by John Pound.
NSC12 $3,000.00 The Villian Rhino Arachno-Foe from the card series, Spiderman.Original artwork from Spiderman Premium Card Set 1996.
NSC08 $500.00 Original artwork to the sticker box of Ariel from the Little Mermaid.This is a painting with a mylar overlay painted by Joe Calimino.
NSC10 $1,500.00 The Babysitter1988 Topps T-Shirt Factory Iron -On Original Artwork from the 1989 Topps Auction by John Pound. This artwork comes with the original iron-on

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