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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
SCU320 $350.00 1975 Topps Window Display PosterHow would you like to have this to go along with your 1975 Topps set ????
SCU322 $1.00 Los Angeles Dogers Pen circa 1980'sIt doesn't work.....kinda like a person on food stamps..... Still looks cool.
SCU325 $3.00 Miniature Louisville Slugger California Angels baseball bat.Wear and tear due because it's old.
SCU326 $20.00 1957 Gillette Company Baseball Finger- Tip Movies Flip BookSignals....The Secret Language of Baseball...featuring Paul Richards.
SCU328 $25.00 1987 Topps Willie Mays 1953 sealed replica cardThis item was issued to dealers who purchased cases of 1987 traded sets.
SCU332 $10.00 Manny Mota autographThis autograph is authentic and was gotten by me in person.
SCU331 $20.00 1961 Topps Autographed Felix Mantilla baseball cardThis is a really nice autograph on a really nice card condition wise.
SCU316 $10.00 1982 Topps and Fleer Baseball Sticker AlbumsSelling both of these albums together or separately.....
SCU318 $2.00 1982 Fleer Baseball Sticker albumThis album is 36 years old and was originally sold for 25 cents.
SCU317 $8.00 1982 Topps Baseball Sticker AlbumThis album is 36 years old and was originally 25 cents.

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