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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
SCU02 $300.00 Japanese Uncut Baseball Sheet from the 70's.Clean, great condition, terrific example.
SCU05 $800.00 1973 Topps Baseball Card Uncut SheetTwelve rows of 11 cards (132 cards in all).
SCU06 $400.00 1983 Kellogg's 3-D Baseball Sheet3 complete sets comprise this eye appealing sheet.
SCU08 $3,500.00 1941 Playball paper sheet of 12Featuring cards # 1 thru 12 of this classic set.
SCU 283 $5.00 1974 Johnny Pro Phillies of Larry BowaThis full color die cut card is missing the white background. There's a tiny, little crease through the "L" in Larry. Otherwise, it's in very nice shape.
SCU03 $200.00 Cubs-Lion Photo Uncut SheetCards were given out, two at a time, every week at Lion Photo in 1985. There are two sets of cards on each sheet.
SCU04 $1,000.00 Luis Aparicio autographed First Day Cover February 23, 1985 and original artworkThis includes the original painting and the first day cover. Both have Luis Aparicio's autograph.
SCU09 $400.00 Gold Mine Icicle Advertising Poster with Home Run King, Roger Maris.From the early 60's.
SCU100 $200.00 Joe DiMaggio 1951 " The Yankee Clipper" Shoes TagThis card has Joe DiMaggio's highlights on the back.
SCU106 $200.00 MB2 Baseball Glove Salesman Sample.Ed Miller Model Genuine Leather.

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