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CodePriceName of pieceDescription 
NSC19 $20.00 Betty Page in Bondage Series 111Racy pictures including several in bondage. No details on the back but the back of the cards make a puzzle. 40 different cards are in the set.
NSCU01 $50.00 Star Trek, the Next Generation, Uncut Sheet 1992.This is our last one. I had a few others but they are all gone.
NSCU10 $100.00 A complete set of DC Comics stickers put out by Taystee, 1978.These stickers include Superman, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin, Batgirl, The Riddler, The Penguin, Perry White, Lex Luthor, Flash, Green Arrow, etc.
NSCU11 $25.00 Two postcards and one sketchbook by John Pound. John Pound is famous for doing the Wacky Packs Artworks, Garbage Pail Kids, Meanie Babies, and several other illustrations for Topps, Marvel, DC, MAD, etc.
NSCU12 $300.00 Black Bazooka Joe made by Cadbury Nigeria Limited.The rarest of all Bazooka Joe collectibles. He is trademarked in 30 countries and five languages. Try to find any of these.
NSCU13 $50.00 Silly CD Promotional MaterialWe have nine promo cards. Six of which make a puzzle for NStink. We have four other large cards approximately the same size as a CD cover.
NSCU14 $10.00 2014 Disney Muppets Most Wanted CalendarSo what if it's not 2014 anymore !!!!! It's all about the Muppets !!!!
NSCU17 $500.00 Box with 24 unopened packs of Fink buttonsBasil Wolverton was responsible for the art to these buttons in 1965.
NSCU15 $20.00 Bettie Page 50 card set by Bunny Yeager Photography 1994This set was put out in 1994 and gives interesting details about Bettie Page on the back of each card. Most of the cards depict Betty in a leopard skin leotard or a leopard skin bikini.
NSCU18 $1,500.00 Complete set of Fink Buttons from 1965.Twenty-four different buttons in mint condition.

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