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Item Name: Parody of Eerie #5 with Alfred E Neuman, Rogerio W.S. and Mike Gidwitz
Item Code: MAD88
Price: $2,500.00
Dimensions: 12 1/2 by 15
Framed Status: Beautiful Wood Frame

This painting was on display along with 114 other pieces of my collection at Firecat Galleries from March 28th until April 27th in 2014...... Did you miss it ???

Do you recognize this painting? This painting was originally done for Warren Publications in 1966 and reissued in 1972. Unlike the original, Alfred is the swamp god, but we always knew that. What you may not have know is the artist and I are the two people in the painting. Guess which is Rogerio W.S? No prize. Actually, this painting was a lot of work because Rogerio had to copy it exactly the way it was when Frazetta painted it.


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