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Item Name: Looney Tunes Characters include Bugs Bunny, Wily Coyote, Road Runner, Pluto, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird and Sylvester the Cat.
Item Code: STC9
Price: $200.00
Dimensions: Approximately 16X9 1/2
Framed Status: Framed

Great item to put in a child's room. I can think of all kinds of places for it.

I bought this in Las Vegas with my friend, Steve Fishler at the only old toy show that I ever went to. I had to make three trips in a taxi back and forth to bring the stuff to my hotel room and there was stuff all over the place. You couldn't walk anywhere and it was a pain in the ass sending it back home from Las Vegas but I got all back to Chicago. This is one of those pieces. People were chasing me all over the place. It was the old days. Please include extra for shipping.


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