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Item Name: Give me a great big kiss!
Item Code: NSC01
Price: $2,500.00
Dimensions: Approximately 7 1/2X8 3/4
Framed Status: Framed and ready to hang

This was done for a Topps series called " Wanted Posters" and is called " Aunt " The series was produced in 1992. Take a good look at the boy's expression on his face.

This piece was originally pencilled by Drew Friedman and painted by John Pound. John is famous for creating the "Wacky Packages", writing and drawing "Garbage Pail Kids", "Meanie Babies", "Toxic High School", "Bathroom Buddies", etc. He has been working for Topps Chewing Gum, MAD Magazine, Marvel Comics, Bantam Books, DC Comics. John is an icon. It think this is a great art work and I particularly can relate to the little boy in the painting.


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