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Item Name: 1964 Topps Baseball Card Partial Uncut Sheet with 66 different cards.
Item Code: SCU33
Price: $2,000.00
Dimensions: Approximately 23X30
Framed Status: Beautifully Framed

Very, very rough. Multiple creases. Problems with many different cards.

Lou Piniella-rookie, Drysdale, Snider, Oliva-rookie, Lolich-rookie, Killebrew, Ken Boyer, Pete Rose, Willie Mays, Sox Sockers with Yastrzemski, Zimmer and Tommy John-rookie, etc. This sheet is loaded with stars and has good eye appeal, but when you get up close it has problems, but when you are far away looks great. It's 40 years old. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.


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