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Item Name: Francis the Foul, The Way Out Dribbler from Weird-Ohs Car-Icky-Tures, 1963
Item Code: B0008
Price: $100.00
Dimensions: Approximately 6X14
Framed Status: Doesn't apply

Complete in every way. All the pieces are there for you to build the model including the instructions and the card #3. This has never been used.There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.

Originally produced by the Hawk Model Company at 4600 N. Olcott, Chicago, Illinois. Comes with Ode to Francis the Foul, trading card, and instructions. I believe this one was the hardest to get in the series and the one they made the fewest of. There is some minor paper loss on the top of the box but doesn't interfere with the images in any way. There is also a black mark, approximately 2 1/2 inches across Francis the Foul and a small stain on his shoe and a little more of the black mark to the right. But overall this is a really nice example.


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