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Item Name: Stop-n-Go Cross Country Caravan Bubble Gum Advertsing Piece from Topps Chewing Gum.
Item Code: NSA10
Price: $2,500.00
Dimensions: Approximately 26X20
Framed Status: Unframed

These cards were of license plates of every state and foreign countries too.

This advertising piece was suppose to go in the window of a drug store or a grocery store where the cards were sold. There are three very tiny tears at the very top through the first "w" in wow and through "it's" at the very top of the poster and there's a tiny tear in the "b" in derby. But this will frame very well and has outstanding color. The biggest joy-ride in American for the cost of a penny. Circa 1950. It also has the address of Topps Chewing Gum - 237-37th Street, Brooklyn 32, N.Y. Return Postage Guaranteed. A terrific piece.


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