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Item Name: 1962 Topps Progressive Uncut Sheet of 44 cards-white, yellow, blue.
Item Code: SCU17
Price: $2,000.00
Dimensions: Approximately 24X36
Framed Status: Beautifully framed

Snider, Bunning, Zimmer, Gilliam, Kaline (All-Star), Whitey Ford (All-Star), Aparicio (All-Star).

Progressives are printed process proof cards from the engraver which show each color red, blue, yellow and black by itself and in combination with others. When all four colors have been printed, the progressives show what the final product will look like. Artists and printers review each of the colors and their combinations to determine if colors should be strengthened or weakened to give the final product the desired effect. Often several color adjustments are made before the go ahead is given to make the film separation which will be used in printing the end product. This sheet and all other progressives are one of a kind. This is a very rare uncut sheet. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.


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