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Item Name: Silly CD Promotional Material
Item Code: NSCU13
Price: $50.00
Dimensions: Cards are approximately 2 1/2X3 1/2
Framed Status: Unframed

We have nine promo cards. Six of which make a puzzle for NStink. We have four other large cards approximately the same size as a CD cover.

Four large CD size cards of Oozy Oozebutt - Gizzard of Ooze, The dorks - featuring "Come on Baby Light my Fart" and "Break-Wind Through (To The Other Side), N Stink - Nose Stench Attack, and finally The Juggs - Greatest _its. These were sent to me by Marc Okin before he passed away of kidney failure. Marc was the creator of this set and I had known him a long time from when I lived in Southern California in 1980.


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