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Item Name: 1975 Topps Uncut Proof Sheet with 66 cards.
Item Code: SCU01
Price: $1,500.00
Dimensions: Approximately 25 1/2X32
Framed Status: Unframed

Key cards are - Don Sutton, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Dave Winfield, Willie Stargell, Dave Parker, Phil Niekro, Craig Nettles, Tug McGraw, plust most valuable player cards which include - Banks, Bench, Gibson, Yaz, Clemente, Jackson, Mays, Aaron, Mantle.

This is a sheet that was used by Woody Gelman, the art director of Topps Chewing Gum, to give directions to the printer, on how the cards should be. To check the spelling of the player's names, to make sure it is the right photo and that the player is on the proper team. Plus, it shows markeings on adding color like more red, less blue, more black, etc. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.


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