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Item Name: Camel Joe Published Original Advertising Art.
Item Code: TA007
Price: $7,000.00
Dimensions: Approximately 31 X 40
Framed Status: Beautifully framed

I spent years trying to buy an original painting of Camel Joe. Almost every painting of the original art is still owned by R.J. Reynolds and has never been available to the public.

To my knowlege, this is only the second piece that I have ever seen in a private collection. The other original piece of art is still owned by one of the other artists and it is smaller and I didn't like it as much as the one we are offering for sale. To my knowledge there were only four artists who ever painted Camel Joe during the entire campaign. I tracked three of them down and the fourth one lived in France and was the original creator. I was unable to find him. Out of all the collecting I have ever done, this was one of the most difficult pieces I have ever been able to acquire for my collection. I spent years looking for it and then spent two years negotiating to acquire it. It has been on the wall in my office ever since. There will be an additional charge for shipping and handling.


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