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Item Name: Impressive Howdy Doody Royal Pudding Store Display.
Item Code: NSA02
Price: $2,000.00
Dimensions: 33 by 47
Framed Status: Beautifully and expensively framed in gold leaf.....

Howdy Doody was a National institution and one of TV's first great shows. Howdy Doody is remembered by millions of baby boomers.

This is the ultimate Howdy Doody store display sign and the ultimate piece of Howdy Doody advertising. You know what time it is boys and girls? It's Howdy Doody time !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this piece and it has outstanding eye appeal...There is a very large crease right down the middle because the piece is so large it was the only way to carry it out of the grocery store...Other than this I don't see any other issues except it needs a good home and a big wall to display it because of it's size...


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